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This is really crazy. Sexy girls at festivals. Bush people we started and bush people we shall return! For regular photo updates. Nude pics of serena. The pastors use the situations of ancient centuries to pilot the behaviors of the 21st century, how shallow-minded are we to accept that? She cannot say it was because of the money. A post shared by Serena Williams serenawilliams on Jun 27, at 6: She has just spoken volume but everyone misunderstands the communication.

Are u sure u can encourage ur daughter or even wife or better still ur mother to do same in the name of civilization? I am ashamed of this. Mad person na mad person he no get another name. Well I saw frustration writing all over her it is obvious she is not happy with her entire life something is missing she could have committed suicides but she change her mind and decide to go viral with her latest nudity for all to see this goes to show that a woman life is this promiscuous. Williams defeated Zhang Oya define naked ness ….

You made it to sound like she was showing your body. Is her husband complaining? You are only deceived by what you see while the real truth is hidden. Linda hamilton naked pics. If civilization means going nude and man marrying man, woman marrying woman… abeg hollam!

You completely misunderstood that comment. Serena Williams by Lord Chutney. You doubt these, how many other creatures are clothed? It is called madness. What i hate most is to do things just because others have done it. Really its really vanity, dust to dust and simply corruption. You should encourage civilization in science and technology in Nigeria, not nudity and gay marriages.

The good people have gone! Your rant should have been directed to the originator of the statement. Nigeria sabi put mouth for weti no concern am…while looters loot launch book…. Serena's really a terrific person, and she loves fashion, but she's not the easiest person to shoot.

Its true at times you feel like acting mad but still exercise caution. Is there any need to show your naked body?.

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Your comment shows how far the devil has succeeded in your life. Bushman make we hear word. Women superheroes nude. A post shared by Serena Williams serenawilliams on Jun 27, at 6: She became the World No.

I am ashamed of this. We can't turn her into a supermodel. You completely misunderstood that comment. US Open August 31, Serena Williams by kalvin Oya define naked ness ….

What is highly esteemed among men is detestable in the sight of God. You should encourage civilization in science and technology in Nigeria, not nudity and gay marriages. You are only deceived by what you see while the real truth is hidden. Nude pics of serena. Lesbian couples instagram. She is big in a lot of areas in her body -- her chest, her back, her legs.

It would be nice if you can take a picture of your toto and show us your nakedness to confirm your civilization madness. Does modernization change our digestive system, reproduction system or respiratory system? Too bad you pathetic perverts looked at the pictures with a carnal intent. Is this what pregnancy has reduced you to. Those condemning this woman are probably developing erection as they looked at the picture.

Christina Milian Serena Williams.

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America is the seat of satan. These are the questions you should ask yourself. The last time I checked, the story was that we were created naked, we are born naked and a long time before we figured out how to cover ourselves, we roamed the plains naked! Anything also happen in Nigeria. View all All Photos Tagged serena williams nude pictures. Yea,maybe you are right after all ,she has the right to her body and her husband is not complaining,but has one of admirers of her achievement in her chosen trade i truly feel let down.

Only a reasonable mind can decode this.

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